Driver News - 2 Days Until Live Time!


Flag is almost live! David and Ted will be back in 48 Mount Street all day tomorrow(Friday the 9th of March) unlocking driver accounts. Call in to get your starter pack before the madness unfolds. Here is a recap of our referral offer and a big thank you to all the drivers spreading the word :

Refer 2 drivers before March 16th and get another month at 6% by doing either of the following:

Tell drivers to use your badge number as the referral code during registration.


Email their Badge Number or mobile number after telling them about Flag to

When they register you will all avail of the promotion and have the summer at 6%.

So This Means:
March is Commission Free
April @ 6%
May @ 6%
June @  6%
July @ 6% by referring 2 fully registered drivers before March 16th.

And here's a recap on our commission structure : 

Fly the Flag and visit our office on 48 Mount Upper Street to collect your Flag starter pack.

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