Drivers Going Live


Thanks to all the drivers for going on shift, great to see jobs going through already. We encourage you to keep on shift as we are live and have users testing coverage this weekend before we ramp up the marketing. Drivers who have yet to register make sure to download the app and Fly the Flag also while we continue to build the fairest taxi network.

We have been busy unlocking drivers who look forward to the same and most are now live on the system. A massive thank you to all the drivers that were on shift last night and for your patience and loyalty as work towards driving down costs for drivers.

To make yourself available make sure the button on the top right of your app is pink and says either ‘Available‘ or ‘Free’ based on whether you have updated the app(please update the app via the app store to get the latest version).

All jobs are commission free as we drive down collection time, please be patient if you have to travel a few minutes extra to a job while we wait for marketing to kick in. 

Thanks to all the drivers who said hello to our lovely promo team that were getting people to Flag taxis around the Aviva today. For anyone that would like assistance, stickers or a cup of tea call in to 48 Mount Upper Street. We are open again tomorow Sunday, to accomodate drivers from 12 – 6.

Enjoy the busy rugby weekend! Well done Ireland!

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