March Madness - Free Fivers & More


To celebrate a special weekend at Flag HQ there will be a free €5 bonus on every successful trip made. Yes, for the month of March Flag are giving drivers a fiver bonus for every completed trip, along with free commission and of course the €2 PUC(which will always be on). The Flag Driver pledge promises drivers' a fair commission structure, no favouritsm or priority drivers, no Discounting along with many other benefits. It's now time to promise the passengers a service that will always pick them up when requested. While we continue to grow our driver network throughout March drivers can avail of this €5 bonus on every completed job.

We All Remember Our First Time...

Congrats to Darren Creed who was the first Flag Driver to get a job on Friday Evening. Thanks to all the other drivers that followed suit over the weekend. We had some promo staff introducing Flag to the public over the rugby weekend and gave away freebies to some lucky punters. Our marketing campaign will start ramping up tomorrow moving towards the busy weekend. Flag is here to stay and enter the market the correct way, we are about to announce a €5 referral for passengers also.

 First Official Job!

At Flag, We Are Drivers Too...

Our own David Knox fighting the corner for fair treatment of Dublin Taxi drivers. Speaking to 98FM at the protest organised by the taxis representative bodies about the closure of College Green. You can listen to the action here (at 21minutes).

Going Online For Jobs & Bonus's...

To make yourself available make sure the button on the top right of your app is pink and says either ‘Available ‘ or ‘Free’ based on whether you have updated the app(please update the app via the app store to get the latest version). Jobs will start to trickle through over the coming two weeks as the marketing campaign is rolled out to users.

Thanks to all the drivers that are taking part in the referral campaign. It's great to see so many drivers availing of the extra month at 6% commission on all jobs. Here is a recap on the promotion as there is only 4 days left to avail of the offer.

Refer 2 drivers before March 16th and get another month at 6% by doing either of the following:
Tell drivers to use your badge number as the referral code during registration.
Email their Badge Number or mobile number after telling them about Flag to
When they register you will all be avail of the promotion and have the summer at 6%.
So This Means:
March = Commission Free
April - June = 6%
July = 6 % by reffering 2 drivers before Paddy's Day

Commission Free

Flag can help drivers beat the european directive on credit card charges. Meaning no charge on off-street card work. We are holding an information night soon about how we can absorb the card charges imposed on Taxi drivers. This means drivers will have all off street card work commission free. For drivers interested in avoiding card charges and would like to come to our meeting held by our driver team we will be posting details about the event shortly .

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