The 'Home Safe' Project

Get Home Safely With Flag Taxis!

Get Home Safely With Flag Taxis

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We understand sometimes you just need to get home. So we created a safety feature that will let you pay for taxis with no phone cash or card. If your phone is dead or your purse is MIA you can just hop in a Flag taxi and still get from A to B.

Here’s how it works :
– Download Flag The Taxi App.
– Add your card details, an ID like photo and create a unique 4 digit pin in settings.
– Hop in a taxi and ask the driver to use Flag Pin Pay. Then enter your name and pin into the driver app, your photo appears which confirms your identity so our driver can take you safely from A to B.

Please remember that this week is a big learning curve for us and, as we grow, Flag may not work in your area or at a certain time (your help willWe are working hard to get Flag into every taxi to provide this safety net in Dublin and soon, the whole country. Feel free to tell drivers about how they can help get people home safe. We also work like a normal taxi app should if you would like to try us out here’s 10 off your first trip with the promo code ‘safetrip'(valid on card payment only).

We hope to help you in a sticky situation(or even if you want to avoid the ATM). Our safety feature received support from the Rape Crisis and is backed by An Garda Siochana through the campus watch initiative.

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